Grimm EDM 180

The GRIMM EDM 180 is the only commercially available fine dust monitoring unit in the world, approved for PM & PM , capable of measuring PM , PM and PM in μg/m³, as well as TC (total particles) in p/l at the same time. Measurement updates of all these values are provided in 60-second intervals and in combination with optionally available meterological sensors identifying the origin is facilitated, thus permitting a better risk assessment..

All GRIMM Environmental Dust Monitors are designed in such a way as to require as little maintenance as possible; a field system check with a foolproof test kit should be largely sufficient. ISO 9001 stipulates that calibration of the spectrometer of that system is calibrated once every 12 to 18 months. Instead of calibrating several instruments - one for each PM value - there is but one GRIMM instrument needing calibration.EDM180

Output data from the instrument can be directly transmitted to your environmental network, your Intranet or the world wide web by using our Data Logger 1142.M5 (or the integrated German GESYTEC protocol). Worldwide access to the service interface of our instrument for the purpose of preventive maintenance is possible as well.

The GRIMM data web page (see page 15) gives every customer the chance to look into his measurement results in real time from anywhere. Scientists or environmental engineers thus gain access to the data from anywhere in the world via the WWW, by SMS or other data transfer system. A fully automatic self-test and control system monitors the performance of the instrument and reports possible errors. All this results in a considerable reduction of the total cost of ownership.

Apart from the fact that our instruments needed to be designed to include all necessary accessories one of the major objectives was the minimization their dimensions.

Focusing on arriving at the smallest possible instrument size while not compromising reliable measurements the instruments we can offer compact and handy solutions for your everyday work.